Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Text - in support of Bill Henson

I Saw a Chapel All of Gold

I saw a chapel all of gold
That none did dare to enter in;
And many, weeping, stood without,
Weeping, mourning, worshipping.

I saw a serpent rise between
The white pillars of the door;
And he forced and forced and forced;
Down the golden hinges tore.

And along the pavement sweet
Set with pearls and rubies bright
All his slimy length he drew
Till upon the altar white

Vomiting his poison out
On the bread and on the wine.
So I turned into a sty
And laid me down among the swine.

- William Blake

"Fortunately, not all have swallowed the nihilistic cant of the postmodern. Art can be defined as having certain characteristics and qualities...Art is uplifting and helps us, in the words of another English poet, William Blake, "To see the world in a grain of sand, and to see heaven in a wild flower". While I have not seen the photographs in question...most viewers, I think, would agree that images of naked, under-age girls, silhouetted and standing provocatively are unacceptable." - Dr. Kevin Donnelly (The Sunday Age - 25/5/08)

Donatello's David.

Alison Croggon, who is "very sad and very angry that this is happening in my country." has all the links, particularly to George Hunka and Nicholas Pickard.


Alison Croggon said...

Thanks for that poem. How dare Kevin Donnelly quote Blake to condemn Henson! The man has no shame.

As the poet also said: "As the catterpiller chooses the fairest leaves to lay her eggs on, so the priest lays his curse on the fairest joys."

Chris Boyd said...

And opposition isn't always true friendship...

Anonymous said...

"As the poet also said: "As the catterpiller chooses the fairest leaves to lay her eggs on, so the priest lays his curse on the fairest joys.""

I've chased after a few priests in my time, Alison, your problem, is that you view the definitions as being more universal and having more homogeneity than they warrant,

the porn report was a bad cite, it allows me to link the author of his support letter with a deranged narrative on prostitution and pornography, you yourself highlighted a section of that material which suggested a risible number of pedophiles in Australia.

(That part was amazing)

The active number is clearly going to be in the region of 300,000. It can't be much less than that. You also annoyed people by failing to understand that Henson was connected to a global policing cris,

the FBI are now saying that unless countries like Australia, Belgium, Japan pull up their socks, it is a lost cause.

So it is not a small thing, as has been reported in the media, even a nook on the internet will attract 12 millions hits quickly, and no single service will ever have more than a tiny fraction of one percent on it.

So the 7,200 UK candidates via avalanche, that's not even that close to being one percent of the pedophiles in Britain.

Our end, as we talk to each other about legislation that we put through Congress and Westminster, has over the last ten days repeatedly returned to the Henson problem. He has become iconic for them, and iconic for us.


our man in berlin said...

Gregory, unless you pull your socks up and listen to a bunch of extremely civil and rational arguments, your cause will also be lost.

Can you not see that by making Henson "iconic" you are undermining the moral legitimacy of your crusade?

Anonymous said...

Henson will lose on this, I know that because a whole heap of essentials has decided he is the problem and if he is fixed, things will get better. It is a pro-FBI argument.

Alison was the person lost on the logic of it all, she has been fairly error prone and inconsistent, she just has.

I (on the other hand) have not lost a campaign yet, Alison hasn't won any, she thinks she has but she lost for her friend in huge style.

What Alison & Cate needed to do, was park the prob in Oz, that would have been a fix,

now it is a VGT thing, it is passed over to the other police jurisdictions.

And expect Oz cops to be talking to their foreign friends!

you'll never see those photos on a web-site in Britain, or those photos in a gallery in London,

I doubt Henson will be in London in person for a while.

or I imagine Bill's lap-top entering the USA without a prolonged scan, actually I can't see Cate get a role in a Disney movie either.

The USA is our demographic, it works for us, in the vast expanse of it all.

Bill would be arrested in Las Vegas for doing what he did. Think about that, they don't want that much free speech in a place that needs a lot of free speech.

I'm more in the prediction business myself, it is what I'm good at.

In my biz, as I pointed out, I'll do a bishop as quickly as I'll do Henson, I'm not a hypocrite, I apply the same rules to everybody

Henson asked to be made a special case, and he was.

our man in berlin said...

Gregory, you are the definition of a hypocrite: you spew violence and ugliness in your fight against violence and ugliness.

Anonymous said...

It is fairly obvious that Henson's cronies & supporters, are in stark opposition to the FBI and USDoJ's campaigns to eliminate child pornography.

Alison shamelessly cited pro-porngraphy fantics in her defense of her hero. She's a hypocrite, nothing with Henson is sexualized, oh yeah, the entire thing, the art, it's pro-pedophile.

Nobody on the Henson side for example complained about the classification's board free pass to nudie teenagers, one 15 I think, cavorting naked for a magazine in a hot tub, with Moet bottles as props, that wasn't sexualized either.

Just like Bill the discredited so-called artist who likes taking pictures of naked little kids.

Alison is selling a big lie and she knows it, I can tell you this, they don't have any credibility outside of their murky pond.

Oz has 300,000 individuals actively involved in child pornography transactions. THat's your background to Bill Henson, that his electorate.

'Artistic crowd the real philistines
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - 28 May 2008
The documentary also lingered over a huge photograph of a pubescent girl, legs astride, with menstrual blood smeared over her thighs, and another showing a ...'

Henson is a pedophile icon for reasons which are far too obvious too elaborate on.

You don't think that blood thing hits a gong with pedophiles? Tell me when a pedophile would see that kind of blood, what would he be doing?

Alison, needs to stay in her pedophile friendly hick country and so does Bill.

The lack of integrity, is is all so icky.

Gregory Carlin

Irish Anti-Trafficking Coalition

Anonymous said...


I’d like to say that only a sick wowser pervert would find anything remotely pornographic about trussing up Japanese schoolgirls.

Caravaggio use to truss up Japanese schoolgirls, the Vatican has alo recently purchased several large paintings of trussed up Japanese schoolgirls

Hard core sick porn was not art last month, but it is definitely art this month,

Wowsers, being tax paying morons, seem to be totally fixated on chronologically static definitions, that is so not where we all are.

The Metropolitan Center for Pedophilia in the Ats has just commissioned an important work from one of our leading artists and instead of celebrating,

we have involved ourselves in a crime far wose than anything previously recorded in the history of the world.

When Bill’s stuff was taken, outraged, stolen, I knew at that moment, exactly, how the last Roman Emperor felt in 1453 when the Turks crashed through the Romanus Gate,

Thank goodness the Byzantine guard, were able to buy a few moments grace for a bronze of a trussed up Japanese schoolgirl to be secreted out of Constantinople and smuggled to Venice.

Alice de Croggoncake